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photography makes me happy.

the ring that has been passed down through the generations

the "something blue"

your mother's encouraging words

your father hugging you tight

the meadow at sunset

the sunshine

the rain

the church you grew up going to

kicking off your shoes to dance

cutting the cake

the first dance of the rest of your life...

At the heart of all of these, is a little nugget. It is what brings two people to each other. It is what keeps them together. It is what shines brightly when things get dark. It is the thread that holds on with incredible tenacity when the rope begins to unravel. It is what celebration is born from.

And so, your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. It is the day to celebrate the love that is a part of you, your families, and those close to you.

Your wedding day is not just another day to me, I feel a huge responsibility to document the "little nugget" that is your love and commitment to each other...and when you look at your photographs as you are holding hands on the couch on your 50th anniversary, you will be able to relive your day and remember with fondness.

let me tell your story.